Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back From Camp : (silly words) (did you know)

     Hello Everybody, I'm finally back from summer camp, and next week, I'm going to a different camp.While I was at camp I tried a lot of new things, like water skiing, dirt biking, and Go-Karting, all of which were really enjoyable.
                                                  Silly Words of the Day!!
                                              1, Fallibleness
                                              What it means:  Able to be wrong
                                             2, Bowdlerization
                                              What it means: to expurgate by removing passages
                                             3, Sluice
                                              What it means: A body of water held back by a gate
                                            4,  Zeugma

                                              What it means: To use a word in a weird different way
                                             5,  Diphthong
                                                What it means: A gliding speech or word
Did You Know That...
Today is national Mutts day?
Tomorrow is national raspberry cream pie day?
Birds need gravity to swallow?
An Ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain?