Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hello: October:) Halloween!! Yay!

Hey guys for this update on my amazing blog, in going to be talking all about Halloween! I will show you some cute costumes and where to get them, or how to make them yourself! Enjoy 
Group Costumes
1, crayons 
2, Wizard Of Oz
3, Pops
4, goddesses

Teen girl Costumes
1, pirate 
2, baby
3, superhero
4, robot 
5, fortune teller

How to make your own pirate costume: 
1, go to the thrift store, and buy an old vintage looking white blouse, a skirt that's short in the front or long in the back (black, white, or red) or pants, any color, a beat up vest, and if you don't already have them pirate looking like boots.
2, cut rips and tears in your blouse. Next roll the blouse in mud, and once it's stained wash it, so it still looks a little dirty 
3, go to a Halloween store and buy some fishnet tights(leggings will work) a pirate hat, or bandana, and an eye patch! 
4, put the costume all together and it will look awesome!!

Guys I hoped this helped:) keep smiling